'Gathering Nuts'

- sequel to

'The Nut Shop'




It's 1993, detox diets and Feng Shui are all the rage...

 Chaos continues at The Nut Shop with shady goings-on in the new therapy room, a gruesome discovery in the gym and the arrival of the first Nut Shop baby.



"I laughed and cried and cried laughing..."



"Gathering Nuts takes up where The Nut Shop left off. I felt like I was catching up with old friends." 



"Christine and Lorraine continue to run their health food shop and along the way there are laugh out loud moments as well as sad instances. It is a very well written book with a good balance of comedy and serious scenes. The characters in the book all have their own little ways and all bring something different to the story. You won't be able to put this book down once you start."



  "Move over James Herriot - Christine has stolen your crown!"



"Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous!"



"If you liked Maeve Binchy then this is for you..." M.H.V


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